Faith. Values. Help.


Values are something precious. They do not fall from the sky. We have to evaluate our ideals, attitudes and circumstances. Always ask ourselves anew: What are our values that we uphold and strive to realize? Which values take precedence in decisions? Values are part of a conscious way of life.

We Brothers are convinced: Jesus had a heart for people. Like him, we want to accept others and walk paths together. To grow and be attentive to those who are poor. To be close to the marginalized, the imprisoned, those without relationships, as we are able. Values lived by our religious father Francis of Assisi guide our daily life: simplicity, attentiveness, fraternity, joy in God and creation.

We find inspiration for our values in the Bible. It gives us strength to live out of our connection with God. But also silent prayer or common reflections and conversations lead us to decisions, help us to find out what is valuable today and to do what is due.

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